I offer the following services to all of my private clients:

  • Intake meeting/consultation (It is important for you to find the right fit, so this mutual interview is free of charge!)
  • One-two prenatal meetings, as needed
  • Support during labor, beginning at the discretion of the client and ending a couple hours after birth
  • One postpartum home visit

I am comfortable working in a hospital, birth center, or home setting. I take clients in the city of Boston and the greater Boston area. Zip Car rental must be reimbursed by the client if the location is beyond the “T” public transit system.

How much do you charge?

When I became a doula, my goal was to help everyone who needed assistance in birth. Today, I still feel very passionately about placing that priority at the forefront of my services.

At the same time, I also value my time and know that labor can be a very intensive and long process. Because I work a traditional job, the birth might require my taking a day off work. Charging private clients helps me to compensate for any lost wages I might accrue in that time off as well as the multiple visits that I offer. For these reasons, my range for services in Boston is usually between $600-$1000.

Always, I engage in discussions with couples about a price that reflects their need for support and also the time and effort I put into my services.