Hands-On (in-person) Doula Services:

I offer the following services to all of my clients in the Greater Boston area:

  • Intake meeting/consultation (It is important for you to find the right fit, so this mutual interview is free of charge!)
  • Two prenatal meetings, or more as needed
  • Support during labor, beginning at the discretion of the client and ending a couple hours after birth
  • One postpartum home visit

I am comfortable working in a hospital, birth center, or home setting. I take clients in the city of Boston and the greater Boston area. I do ask that parking at hospitals is reimbursed by the client, if not validated by Labor and Delivery.

How much do you charge?

When I became a doula, my goal was to help everyone who needed assistance in birth. Today, I still feel very passionately about placing that priority at the forefront of my services.

At the same time, I work a traditional “9-5” job, and the birth might require my taking a day off work. Charging private clients helps me to compensate for any lost wages I might accrue in that time off as well as the multiple visits that I offer and travel to/from those visits. For these reasons, my range for services in Boston is usually between $600-$1000.

Always, I engage in discussions with couples about a price that reflects their need for support and also the time and effort I put into my services.

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Long-Distance Doula Services

This service was added at the urging of good friends on social media as well as upon reflecting on ways I have supported women through social media and email over the years with their childbirth-related questions.

While I do believe the ideal doula care is hands-on care, I see the need for long-distance coaching in a virtual world as well as the need to expend a lower budget. Therefore, this service can be offered stand-alone with me prenatally or in anticipation of working with another doula during labor.

I offer 1-3 virtual sessions (free Zoom app, Google hangout, or Facetime), at the discretion of the client. I recommend the full 3 sessions, which would comprise the following:

  1. Intake meeting – getting to know you (and your partner, if applicable); discussing emotions and attitudes towards labor, including previous labors of women in your families or your own; discussing questions on your mind or unique to your labor and pregnancy; recommendation of reading resources and prenatal exercises to do throughout labor; advice on nutrition, and more. Q&A regarding topics on your mind, as well.
  2. Birth plan – an intensive conversation about creating your birth plan as well as what to bring with you to the hospital (part 1). Discussions about the evidence base for and against certain interventions, with you (and your partner) making the ultimate decisions. Q&A regarding topics on your mind, as well.
  3. Birth dress rehearsal! – practicing comfort measures during labor, discussing common reasons for arrested labor and what to do, and packing your bag for the hospital (part 2). Q&A regarding topics on your mind, as well.

Each session is expected to last about 1 hour, and the cost is $60/session. Payment can be made through check in the mail or Venmo (free app).

When should I start my doula sessions? Usually as soon as you’re considering it! Reach out to me and we can discuss a time. If you are at 36+ weeks, there is still time to schedule and fit sessions in.

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Special Topic Virtual Sessions

If you have a pregnancy or childbirth-related question that is on your mind and you’d like to have a conversation, I can do one-off sessions for this reason virtually. This may be regarding some alternative ideas you are considering or questions of indecisiveness after speaking with your provider. Sessions can be a half hour ($30) to one hour ($60).

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