DONA (Doulas of North America)-trained Birth Doula

LCCE (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator)

Infant BLS trained (Infant Basic Life Support, CPR and Infant Heimlich)

My name is Christina, and I have been a doula since 2011. I became interested in being a doula from the moment I understood what being a doula meant. I have always had a deep passion for helping expectant mothers, and being a doula has been a very rewarding calling in my life. While living in Chicago, I pursued my doula training through DONA international and also attended Bradley childbirth education courses, as part of my training. I worked with the Chicago Volunteer Doulas out of four urban Chicago hospitals, volunteered my doula services with clients, and also became a New Moms Group facilitator, all of which I loved.

Since moving to Boston, I have taken on private clients as much as I am able, while working. I came to Boston to pursue a Master of Public Health degree and specialized in Maternal and Child Health. I loved working toward my degree, as I became up-to-date on all the growing research that affects moms and babies. In the spring of 2014, I attained my certification in Lamaze Childbirth Education and currently offer those courses, as well. I love teaching, and I love accompanying moms!

My personal mission, as a doula, is to support and aid all women who seek it before, during, and after labor – regardless of financial means, race, religion, culture, age, physical ability, or sexual orientation. I believe in accompanying moms as they realize the strength, wisdom, and power of their bodies. While I work mostly with moms seeking an un-medicated or “natural” childbirth, my main goal is to help each mom attain the type of birth experience that’s right for her.

Thank you for reading about my journey, and I am grateful for your consideration to be involved in one of the most important times in your life!

Me and the first baby/family I ever doula-ed for. We still keep in touch today. She is  now 5 y/o!


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